Catherine Hume

Three-Legged Dog (1997)

After years of being not-a-musician, Catherine wrote and recorded an 8-song cassette, with the help of Peterborough’s gifted musician class. She gigged around Peterborough and played the Peterborough Folk Fest. 

Three-Legged Dog featured Kirsten Addis, Jarl Anderson, Adam Brown, Jeff Burrows, Barry Haggarty, Jennifer King, Jessica Lindeman, Dave MacQuarrie, Ron Rooth and Brian Sanderson and was recorded by Barry Haggarty.

Listen: Three-Legged Dog

HINGES (1999)

Ever in step with new technology, Catherine left the world of magnetic recording tape in the dust and released a CD. Radio play and chart ascension on college stations ensued.

Hinges featured Jarl Anderson, Tim Crease, John MacEwen, Kerry Bullis, Ray Montford, Curtis Driedger, Christina Zimmer and was recorded at the Gordon Best Theatre by Ian Osborn, Paul Wehrle and Mithra Dubey.

Listen: Sea of Separation


The long awaited (by Catherine) follow-up to Hinges began circa 2001 and then screeched to a halt, only to begin again more than 20 years later. Lost discs recovered after a chance meeting in a café 10 years after the project fell apart, missing plug-ins and all sorts of obstacles big and small are now mostly overcome.

Instrumental (pun intended) in helping resurrect this project are Wayne O’Connor (Unit 11 Studios, Hank2Hendrix) and Jeff Beardall (Satantras, Guilt Parade). Jeff’s guitars and arrangements were featured on the original tracks.

Listen: Imagination